Plant the Seed, a Touring Writing Workshop Hits the Road March – May 2018!



From March through Mid May, I’ll be traveling with poet/fiction writer/performance artist Jennifer Morales to lead writing workshops along the way! See the events page to find out when/where we’ll be. If you’d like to bring a Plant the Seed workshop (description below) to your area contact me. We are also happy to schedule readings and classroom visits along the way.

Plant the Seed Writing Workshop:
the magnificent practice of getting out what your heart and guts have to say
Co-led by Franciszka Voeltz and Jennifer Morales, Plant the Seed is a workshop designed to break writers of all levels (including those who don’t call themselves writers) through barriers that keep them from creating the work they are meant to write. Together we will practice moving forward in our writing–without apology. Writers of all genres are welcome to join in the work and play of cracking open our writer-hearts, busting out of our stuck practices, and harnessing the power of what emerges. We will close the workshop by naming new commitments to our writing–planting the seed for future work that might contribute to shaping a future world.
If there is anytime to be giving voice to what you have to say, isn’t it now? 

We are offering the workshop in three formats: Half-day, Full-day, and 3-day workshop. Here’s what to expect out of each one:

Half-Day Workshop (3 hours)

• Generative exercises to help you create fresh work and break you out of habitual patterns
• Peer feedback
• Commitments for writing

Full-Day Workshop (6 hours)

All of the activities listed in Half-Day Workshop, plus:
• Activities to help you uncover the message you have for the world
• Activities to help you identify and address barriers to writing
• Strategies for connecting the body to the writing
• Optional: Participant reading after workshop

3-Day Workshop (3 days of 6 hours each)

All of the activities listed in Half- and Full-Day Workshops, plus:
• Strategies for revising your work

• Strategies for bringing your work to life through performance
• Round table discussions (possible topics include questions of craft, the business of writing, the needs of underrepresented communities, addressing personal barriers to writing, writing for social justice)
• Optional: Participant reading after workshop
• Optional: Impromptu performances in the community



First 100 Days is out!

I’m delighted to announce that First 100 Days, a book featuring thirteen writers (including myself) as they navigate their way through the first 100 days of the ____ administration is now available!  It’s beautifully published by Iron Point Press and available here.

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