poems to go

Because everybody needs a poem.


My typewriter and I can be found in various public venues (farmers markets, fairs, parks, pedestrian malls) writing on-demand custom poems for the people (you!) in various cities (depending on where i am at the time).

The concept is simple: you name the subject, I ask some follow-up questions and then type you a poem, I read you the poem, you leave an appreciation in the form of dollars (or sometimes cookies or handwritten notes), you take your personalized poem with you.

Should you desire to order a custom poem from afar, (whether for you or as a gift for someone else), please fill out the form below and then pay an amount of your choosing (pay what you value it at and what is within your means). I will follow up by mailing you your typewritten poem.

Complete your order by clicking here to pay via paypal.
If you can’t pay via paypal, go ahead and order your poem and we’ll figure out another money-sending method.

I appreciate your kindness more than you know.
I cannot wait to write your poem.

I am also delighted to set up poems-to-go at your event (wedding, fundraiser, opening, private party, etc.) contact me here for more details.


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